Wet Plate Collodion Fixer Comparison

Wet Plate Collodion Fixer Comparison

Posted by Brian Cuyler on Jul 6th 2019

Wet Plate Collodion Fixer ComparisonKCN vs Rapid Fixer vs Hypo A side-by-side comparison of the fixers typically being used with wet plate collodion tintypes and ambrotypes. The Setup: A standard s … read more

High level Instructions for Making a Tintype.

Posted by Brian Cuyler on Jun 28th 2019

High level instructions for making a tintype.  I recommend supplementing this with a workshop and or YouTube. 1.Pour a puddle of collodion onto the plate the covers about 1/3 of the ar … read more

Collodion Descriptions

Jun 28th 2019

Collodion Speed Chemistry Notes Storage Lea Formula 1 Medium Cadmium & Ammonium Ages Quickly - Good General Collodion. Similar to Quinn's … read more

Cadmium Free vs Lea Formula #1

Jun 28th 2019

A lot of my focus has been on Cadmium free Collodion's, so I wanted to show, as best I can, the difference (or same-ness) of a couple of different formulas. I’ve done many multiple plates using these … read more