Collodion Plain - 1000mL

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Plain Collodion  (4% w/v Nitrocellulose)

Small Batch for Freshness 

Many suppliers supply Collodion U.S.P. with a concentration of nitrocellulose that varies from 4 to 10%.  This means your collodion formula may contain double the amount of nitrocellulose.  This changes the drying, surface characteristics, and the ageing of your collodion.  this is one more variable in a process that has so many.

Our Collodion is made in small batches and has 4% nitrocellulose by weight (5.1% by volume).  Most of the contemporary formulas were formulated using 4% collodion.  This means your collodion formula will work as intended.

Most of the historical formulas contained 1.0% to 2.0% Nitrocellulose by weight.   If you use a collodion with 7% nitrocellulose in your formula you could have twice the amount needed.

Too much nitrocellulose gives you a thicker collodion that may result in crepe lines, thick edges and longer fix times.


Other uses:

Telescope mirror and lens cleaning