Drying Rack X Mini - Cast Aluminum and Black Walnut

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Improved Classic Metal and Wood Plate Rack

Perfect for 5x7 and smaller plates

  • This plate holder will last as long as your plates, maybe longer!
  • Cast aluminum alloy ends - stronger than cast iron
  • Wide stance for stability
  • Works with Plates sized from 2-1/4" x 2-1/4" to 5" x 7"
  • Holds 25 glass or aluminum plates with deep 60° V-Grooves for stability
  • Black walnut runners with steel threaded inserts for strength
  • Wood coated with walnut oil then three coats of Spar poly urethane for water resistance
  • Metal ends coated with etching primer and a tough black wrinkle finish
  • Steel alloy fasteners

This plate rack was born out of a desire to a use the leftover metal from the cut aluminum plates we sell.  The left over metal is melted and alloyed with silicon to increase its strength, then cast into the plate rack ends.  One of the weaknesses of antique cast iron plate racks was that the screws used to hold the wooden runners would strip out causing the rack to get wobbly and eventually fall apart.  This rack uses dual steel threaded inserts in the wood runners so that it will remain sturdy for life, and allow for disassembly and reassembly may times. The aluminum alloy is less brittle that cast iron so it will not develop cracks over time.