Ultra Pale 2.0 -Shellac Varnish

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Ultra Pale 2.0 - Shellac Varnish is a double carbon treated and micro filtered shellac varnish with a slower drying solvent system.

Benefits of Ultra Pale 2.0 -Shellac varnish

  • A longer open time for pouring, draining and blotting.  This eliminates the common far edge drying to a matte finish
  • Allows for the plate to be placed flat for a minute before heating.  This lets the varnish level and eliminates edge rollback lines.
  • Uniform high gloss finish 
  • Safe solvents - Safer than the base 95% pure ethanol
  • Can be used at room temperature without heating the plate before pouring
  • Less sensitive to heat and humidity variations
  • Easier to get good results verses a traditional all ethanol varnish 
  • Lightest shellac available 
  • Dries faster and harder than sandarac


 Used for Tintypes, Ambrotypes, and Glass Negatives.