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 Two Day Workshop 

Private Workshops Available 

"This is a fantastic workshop with something to offer everyone from beginners to experienced wet plate photographers."

"The instructors are a dynamic duo who, together, have an incredible range of expertise about both the technical  aspects of the process."


Brian Cuyler is a longtime wet plate photographer and camera builder who also runs UV Photographics, one of the premier suppliers of chemistry and equipment to the wet plate community. With a background in chemistry he has improved upon classic wet plate formulas making them are safer and easier to use. He has supplied and consulted with many of the leading contemporary wet plate photographers working today.

Michael Chylinski runs Modern Tintype, a contemporary wet plate portrait studio located in Los Angeles. His tintype images have appeared in exhibitions at galleries in the U.S. and abroad, and have also been part of literary collaborations such as 2016’s “Delicate Scratches” with the author Wendy Ortiz. His film photography has appeared in books, magazines and on album covers as far back as the late 1990s. His interest in photographic history also includes the found snapshot, and he is at work on a book of inscribed vernacular photos in collaboration with Atlanta’s Fall Line Press.