Collodion Plain 4% (w/v)

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Plain Collodion  (4% w/v Nitrocellulose)

Small Batch for Freshness 

Many suppliers supply Collodion U.S.P. with a concentration of nitrocellulose that varies from 4 to 10%.  This means your collodion formula may contain double the amount of nitrocellulose needed to work properly.  This changes the drying, surface characteristics, and the aging of your collodion.  This is one more variable in a process that has so many.

Recommended for making Salted Collodion for Wet Plate

Our Collodion is made in small batches and has 4% nitrocellulose by weight (5.1% by weight/weight).  Most of the contemporary formulas were formulated using 4% collodion.  This means your collodion formula will work as intended.

Most of the historical formulas contained 1.0% to 2.0% Nitrocellulose by weight.   If you use a collodion with 7% nitrocellulose in your formula you could have twice the amount needed.

Too much nitrocellulose gives you a thicker collodion that may result in crepe lines, thick edges and longer fix times.


Other uses: Telescope mirror and lens cleaning


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    Collodion is great!

    Posted by Andrew on Jun 21st 2020

    Collodion mixture at 4% works just fine for me. It adheres to glass plates without subbing, and holds up to varnish as expected.

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    Always reliable

    Posted by Paul B on Feb 13th 2020

    Brian has the best prices on wet plate materials and the plain (unsalted) collodion is no exception. I've found the collodion consistent in quality and totally reliable. The metal canisters he ships in a great for safe storage/handling and I reuse them for my salted collodion recipes. Hands down the best wet plate supplies in the US!

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    Collodion 4%

    Posted by Michael on Jan 16th 2020

    Great product. I've been making tintypes regularly for 12 years and have bought collodion from pretty much everywhere (all the alt-photo suppliers, Spectrum, direct from Mavidon, even from Mamut Photo in Prague) and this is superior. Other suppliers repackage from bulk, so there's no telling how old the product you buy is. Many times I've received collodion that is yellowing from age, but I was told that UV mixes their own from raw nitrocellulose, so they're likely not keeping it on hand for months or years. It's nice that you can choose either 4 or 5% strength, too. If you look on a can of Mavidon, it just says "less than 7% nitrocellulose". Also, it comes packaged properly in an aluminum container for flammable liquids, not a tinned-steel can (I'm talking to you, Bostick & Sullivan!). Anyhow, I'm a satisfied customer.