Why Small Batch Collodion

Oct 4th 2018

Small Batch for FreshnessMany suppliers supply Collodion U.S.P. with a concentration of nitrocellulose that varies from 4 to 10%. This means your collodion formula may contain double the amount of ni … read more

Cadmium Free vs Lea Formula #1

Nov 24th 2017

A lot of my focus has been on Cadmium free Collodion's, so I wanted to show, as best I can, the difference (or same-ness) of a couple of different formulas. I’ve done many multiple plates using these … read more

Lea Formula 3 Ripened 18 months vs. 3 months

Nov 24th 2017

Just a quick test to show that Lea Formula 3 that was made 18 months ago performs the same as Lea Formula 3 made three months ago. The 18 month old collodion was not stored in a cool dark place, but … read more

Cadmium Free Aging Study

Nov 24th 2017

A few years ago I began an aging study on four cadmium free collodion formulas to see how fast they age. I have data for some of the formulas at various times, but I wanted to do a more controlled ex … read more