POP - Collodio-Chloride Emulsion - 500mL Premixed

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Collodio-Chloride Emulsion for Making Printing-Out Paper (POP)
Also know as an Aristotype.  

This emulsion is a premixed ready to pour collodion emulsion that when used with baryta paper creates UV sensitive paper.  This is thought to be one of the most archival printing processes and can be used with glass negatives, bright ambrotypes, film, or printed negatives.  

To use, pour on to baryta paper and flow and drain as you would for collodion wet plate.  Hang to dry in a safe light or dark area.  Once dry it is ready to make contact prints using a UV light source or the sun.  
Basic steps:
Coat paper
Hang to dry
Expose to uv with a negative
Rinse to remove excess silver
Gold Tone*
* You can also tone after fixing.